Chiller CW 3000

The CW-3000 Chiller is a water cooler that cools by thermolysis, has compact design, low energy consumption, good protection and alarm system. It is mainly used for the heat exchange between the laser equipment and the environment. The water temperature of the cooler cw-3000 is related to the ambient temperature, so the thermostat is not adjusted manually.

USD 650.00


1. Cooling capacity 50W / ° C ;

2. Energy saving, compact design, long life and easy to use.

5. Flow and overheating alarm.

6. CE, RoHS and REACH Certifications.

Voltage 220V
Current 0.45A
Tank capacity 9L
Maximum Flow 10L/min
Protection Alarma de flujo
Net Weigth 9,5 Kgs
Gross Weigth 12 Kgs
Size 49 x 27 x 38 cm (Largo x Ancho x Alto)
Package Size 59 x 39 x 48 cm (Largo x Ancho x Alto)
Refrigerar un tubo laser de 80 W CO2

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