Chiller CW 5000

USD 1,345.00

The CW-5000 Chiller is an industrial water cooler of the refrigerator type, it has a cooling capacity of 800 W. It is mainly used to dissipate the heat generated during the operation of the laser device, the same when passing through the refrigeration cycle generated by A compressor, is transferred to the air. The water temperature can be adjusted. Applicable to a single CO2 laser glass tube.

Chiller CW 3000

USD 650.00

The CW-3000 Chiller is a water cooler that cools by thermolysis, has compact design, low energy consumption, good protection and alarm system. It is mainly used for the heat exchange between the laser equipment and the environment. The water temperature of the cooler cw-3000 is related to the ambient temperature, so the thermostat is not adjusted manually.

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