Metal Engraver

Our BuchiCNC metal engraver machine uses a galvanometer system to reflect lightning on the material.

The system that uses this metal laser engraver is the most accurate and fastest in the market.

It allows permanent laser engraving of all types of metals, steel, silver, gold, platinum and many other metals.

It is ideal for recording drawings, patterns, dates and all kind of codes, including QR and bar codes.

This type of laser machine is recommended for jewelry work and serial or nomenclature of metal products, including firearms, car parts and all kind of metal products.

It has vector fill functions with unique formats that produce different visual effects. By modifying its parameters, different color terminations can be obtained.

FG 30 Metal Engraving Laser Machine

USD 13,999.00

30w Fiber Laser Engraver. Galvanometric system.
7.87 x 7.87 inches working table, height adjustable.
High-speed engraving, without ink, directly on the metal.
Code generation system included (QR, BAR, SERIAL).

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