Fiber Laser

BuchiCNC fiber laser metal cutter machines cut black sheet, galvanized sheet, carbon steel, stainless, aluminum.

Highly recommended for the metallurgical industry and production processes that involve a lot of metal cutting.

The difference with Co2 laser machines is the optical circuit by which the laser beam is transmitted. In this type of laser machines it is transmitted to the material by optical fiber. As a result, the laser has a lot of power and cuts at a very high speed.

The precision and quality of the cuts is amazing.
Fiber laser metal cutter machines are the best option for laser metal cutting and the only one for aluminum laser cutting, since the power they can achieve allows machining without any problem.

BuchiCNC fiber optic metal laser cutting machines are assembled with the best components on the market ensuring durability and excellent results.

XTF 1530 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

USD 90,000.00

1. Integrated casting machine body with higher stability for higher precision
2. High-performance laser source and stable operating system which make the best cutting effect.
3. The machine owns perfect cooling system, lubrication system and dust removal system, to ensure that it can operate stably, efficiently and durably.
4. The machine is capable of automatic height adjustment to maintain constant focal length and stable cutting quality.
5. The machine is used for cutting a variety of metals with excellent and stable cutting quality.
6. The specialized CAD / CAM automatic programming software and automatic nesting software aim to maximally save raw materials.
7. Access to the CNC system through Ethernet interface makes communication and remote monitoring possible during the laser cutting process.

FG 30 Metal Engraving Laser Machine

USD 13,999.00

30w Fiber Laser Engraver. Galvanometric system.
7.87 x 7.87 inches working table, height adjustable.
High-speed engraving, without ink, directly on the metal.
Code generation system included (QR, BAR, SERIAL).

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