If you already are customer of BuchiCNC you can use our SUPPORT CENTER

Our customers have access to:

  • High efficiency and quality equipments
  • Real time phone help
  • Supplies and parts on stock
  • Respected guarantee
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

If you have doubts or only want more information of BuchiCNC you can check our  FAQ

At BuchiCNC we consider each client of laser cutting machines, as our biggest capital, that’s why we work constantly to:

  • Establish a lasting business relationship
  • Provide quality after-sales service
  • Transmit knowledge and experience of use

Support & assistance

We provide telephone assistance and constant advice. At BuchiCNC we are experts in laser cutting and engraving machines.

Stock of parts

So that your laser cutting machine does not stop producing, we have permanent stock of parts and supplies.

Exclusive material

Software updates, tips and tutorials. Also, you have our experience at your service.

At BuchiCNC we are very interested in providing an excellence after sale service, so when someone purchases one of our products, we strive to be with them at all times. Some examples are:

How to use the machine
Although we give a very complete course that includes theory, technical practice and use of software, when you buy a new machine you always have doubts about the use, and if you are a new user you will need accompaniment. At BuchiCNC we are more than trained in the use of CNC machinery, laser and router, we have industrial designers and technical experts in technology. We offer you all that knowledge, we want your work experience with a BuchiCNC laser cutting and engraving machine to be excellent.
Unlimited phone support
Do not hesitate, we never leave our customers unattended, you can call at any time and we will be there to assist you. Unless all our operators are attending other cases we will always give priority to your call. We know all the needs of a user of laser cutting and engraving machines and the best thing is that we know how to supply them.
Parts and supplies on stock
Our laser cutting machines are assembled with components of excellent quality, selected for their performance and lifespan. An elementary point so that your machine always operative.
Real-time Remote Attention Through Internet
Thanks to the possibilities of communication provided by the Internet we can help you better through remote assistance tools, we can see and at the same time interact with a user to explain or solve problems all types.